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            Song of Haixun

            Company's Spirit


            Company's Tenet

            Creat value for customers, Realize dream for employee

            Company's Morality

            Honesty Well Credit

            Company's Exhortation

            The rise and fall of Haixun is related to everyone.
            Do not a small bad thing and do a small good thing.

            Company's Style:

            Fast Reflection,Assume Liability

            Haixun's Values:

            To Society:

            Devotion, Assume Responsibility

            To Customers:

            Sincerity,Well Credit, Comprehension

            To Competitor:

            Learn other’s strongpoints and apply them to our work.

            To Leaders:

            Respect, Obedience,Comprehension,Cooperation

            To Subordinations:

            Love,Communication,Strict, Trust,Comprehension,Lead

            To Colleagues:

            Honest, Friendly, Concerned

            To Friends:

            Sincerity, Credit, Encouragement,Help

            To Overmatch:


            To the Weak:

            Care ,Support

            To Environment:

            Do from a small thing, protect attentively

            To Task:

            Perform fast, seek for greater perfection

            To Equipment:

            Use rightly, maintain reasonably

            To Product:

            Seek for greater perfection

            To safety:

            Nip an evil in the bud, keep it in mind all the time

            To Success:

            Success is to do everything better

            To Setback:

            Need perseverance and courage

            To Failure:

            Bear responsibility, absorb lessons of failures

            To Career:

            Be brave to pursue

            To Work:

            Be careful, be better, be innovative

            To Discipline:

            Be strict, be improved, be advance with times

            To Quality:

            Quality is root of company to develop and live

            To Enterprise:

            Enterprise’ interests is higher than anything

            To Aim:

            Keep the aim in our mind all the time

            To Plan:

            Plan in advance, plan in entirety, plan carefully, plan in order

            To Training:

            Pay attention to reality

            To Summary:

            Pay attention to effectiveness

            To Self:

            Be severe with oneself and lenient towards others

            To Life:

            Every man has his gift and needs to struggles for nice life

            To Relative:

            Respect Understand Considerate Forgive Endure

            To Neighbor:

            Harmonious Friendly United Self-effacing

            To Art:

            Appreciate Pursue

            To Science:

            Respect Advocate Love Apply
            Copyright JIANGSU HAIXUN GROUP SHARE CO.,LTD. Address:No.18, Donghai Road, Hai'an, Jiangsu, China
            Zipcode:226600 Tel:+86-513-69889895 Fax:+86-513-69889892
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