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            Haixun Group remains human resource through providing good environment,culture,salary, sentiment,promotion opportunity, uses the flexible employing persons system and moves the excellent employees reasonblely into the properest post.

            Insist providing excellent employee with highest salary,best employee producing the toppest management, toppest management bringing the best efficiency, and best efficiency supporting the excellent employment.

            Haixun Group tries its beat to creat the rich condition to let empoyees come ture self-value and promote. Besides, it improves continuously human resource mechanism and meets company development.

            Copyright JIANGSU HAIXUN GROUP SHARE CO.,LTD. Address:No.18, Donghai Road, Hai'an, Jiangsu, China
            Zipcode:226600 Tel:+86-513-69889895 Fax:+86-513-69889892
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